Hot on The Great Coastal Texas Barbeque Trail

Before we get into all the juicy Barbeque details, let’s start with a juicy confession. I am not a ‘blogger’. I am a local Victorian, born and raised, I adore good food and I have yet to indulge in all the Barbeque my city has to offer. I’ve recently learned of The Great Coastal Texas Barbeque Trail and I’ve decided to explore and blog some of my visits. First stop, Mumphord’s Place. I am no stranger to this spot but it’s been awhile, I thought my palette should start with the familiar and go from there.

Front doors

Really Good FoodAs we pull into the parking lot the hypnotizing aroma of good food fills the air. It’s a sunny day and I’m glad I wore stretchy pants. The look of the establishment is rugged and comforting.
There is no shortage of interesting pieces of nostalgia in the building. As we glance over the menu we are greeted by a familiar smiling face, Ricky Mumphord, the owner of Mumphord’s Place. It’s not unusual to see Ricky behind the counter and in the restaurant joking with guests. We placed our order, picked a picnic table and our meals were promptly served. After taking a few bites I thought “How can a taste I am so familiar with seem to be getting better and better with every bite?!” Yes, it is that good.

More Really Good FoodBrisket that melts on your tongue and divine sausage that could have been smoked by angels in heaven. The green beans hold their own in the mix with a strong presence of garlic and bacon.A smooth potato salad brings you back to your senses and as you push aside the onions and pickles to get a bigger serving you realize…you forgot to dip your meat in Barbeque Sauce! It came to my attention that Mumphord’s sells their ‘Old School’ BBQ sauce by the bottle. The entire meal was reasonably priced so I didn’t have a hard time purchasing a bottle of my own.

More information about The Great Coastal Barbeque Trail is available at Be sure to also for local shopping suggestions, driving tours and more.
Mumphord's Bar-B-Q - Hours Billboard and Fe Vela
Written by Felecia Vela “Fe” local Victorian born and raised. Fe works at the Victoria Airport.